Commitment to Giving

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Photography is a receiving, co-creating, and giving process. We love to find and share the beauty we find in humble places on the Earth. That beauty is in the wilderness and in humans as well.

Unfortunately, we continue to witness damage to the natural world that supports us. Likewise, we are also witnessing and deeply concerned about the social injustice caused to humans by racism in our world.

We are committed to being good stewards of our natural environment and to fighting for social justice for all sacred humans. We are also committed to the promotion of truth telling, honesty, and integrity in our media and political systems. Therefore, 5% of all annual photography sales will be donated to the Nature Conservancy (conserving land & water), and another 5% ACRE (Action Center on Race and the Economy), and another 5% to National Public Radio (truth in media). It’s a privilege to bring the world to you as we see it.

And, we’re honored to partner with you in preserving our environment, advocating for social justice, and truth telling in media and our social institutions

Jay Rasmussen Photography, LLC Jay Rasmussen (President)

Rose Gagne (Vice- President)