Steps for Having Your Images Printed on Aluminum

Step 1 - Send me an email (rasjay@bethel) telling me you might want me to print images for you.

Step 2 - I'll send you a Dropbox link that will allow you to send me multiple large files. RAW files are preferred but I can work with jpg. files as well.

Step 3 - I'll work with your images in Lightroom 6 if you’d like me to at no extra charge. Please note that I don't over manipulate images but typically do some adjustments of white balance, contrast, clarity, and sharpness.

Step 4 - I'll send the edited images to you via email for consideration. If you choose to print on aluminum you tell me which image and the sizes that you’d like. You would then send me a check for half the amount and the remaining balance is due when you receive the aluminum pieces. If you decide to not print there is no charge.

Step 5 -  I print a large format paper image, at no charge to you, so I can determine if additional fine-tuning of the editing is needed before printing on aluminum. Additional minor editing is then done as needed.

Step 6 - I have the image printed on aluminum by my local printer, construct and attach the full aluminum back mounting system, and then professionally wire the back so the image is fully ready to hang (7-10 day process).

Step 7 - The image will be shipped to you fully insured for a reasonable rate or you can pick up your piece at my Twin Cities home if you happen to be in the area.

Note: The minimum size I can custom print is `16x20" . Please see the "Purchase" tab on my Home page for all pricing information. I realize that there may be less expensive ways to print on aluminum. With me, however, you are guaranteed the finest aluminum and backing system available and I work with each image as if it were my own. Let’s get the process started together.

*More Details About Prints:* The high quality aluminum prints I offer are made with a dye-sublimation process in which the inks are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, using high temperature and pressure. This allows each image to take on a bright, vibrant, luminescent quality. The high definition colors of ChromaLuxe coupled with superior fade, moisture, stain, and scratch resistant properties make ChromaLuxe an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Two independent laboratory tests confirmed that ChromaLuxe lasts three times longer than the highest quality archival paper in terms of fading over time. These glossy metal prints, which include a custom-made and professional wired aluminum shadow mount, can easily be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive, non-ammonia glass cleaner sprayed onto a microfiber cloth.