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Thanks for considering the purchase of fine art photography from Jay Rasmussen Photography, LLC. When you browse the galleries on this site you'll notice the option of clicking on "Buy"  for each image. Once this is button is clicked you'll be presented with multiple formats available for purchase.

If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area you can order ready-to-hang pieces in four different formats at  significantly reduced prices directly from me via email at Your piece will be available for pick up at our Roseville home in 10-14 days.

Format 1 - Canvas Prints

Canvas prints come already stretched on 1.5" thick  frame, with a black border,  and with two coatings of a UV/Water protection. A hand-stretched PureWhite™ canvas (300gr/m2 strength) is specially developed for HP Latex printing technology and is HP Latex certified. A water-based, "solvent-free" and odorless HP Latex inks are 100% safe for your family and pets. These canvases can easily be cleaned/dusted with a soft cotton cloth. Image sizing/pricing is listed below. Note: the second price includes a high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that makes pieces pop while protecting them. No VOCs or fumes. Unparalleled non-yellowing protection.

20x16 = $90/$130+ tax   

36x12 = $110/$150 + tax

30x20 = $190/$130 + tax     

40x20 = $160/$220 + tax      

40x30 = $180/$240 + tax      

48x16 = $180/$240 + tax

48x30 = $200/$260 + tax     

Triptych = $200 + tax   

60x40 = $280 + tax      

30x20 framed = $200 + tax

Format 2- Metal Prints

Metal prints are made with a dye-sublimation process in which the inks are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, using high temperature and pressure. This allows each image to take on a bright, vibrant, luminescent quality. The high definition colors of ChromaLuxe coupled with superior fade, moisture, stain, and scratch resistant properties make ChromaLuxe an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Two independent laboratory tests confirmed that ChromaLuxe lasts twice as long as the highest quality archival paper in terms of fading over time.

These glossy metal prints, which include a shadow mount,  can easily be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive, non-ammonia glass cleaner sprayed onto a microfiber cloth. Image sizing/pricing includes the following:

16x16 = $100 + tax  (or four for $375) 

20x16 = $120 + tax   

24x16 = $160 + tax

30x20 = $250 + tax       

40x30 = $375 + tax      

Format 3 - Custom Framed Prints

Custom framed prints include a solid wood frame (22x16) in black or brown with a simple yet elegant style that is 1.75" wide. Each image comes fully ready to hang with glass, foam board, and mat (slightly off white) that are all conservation grade products. The 18x12 image is printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper.


Format 4 - Limited Edition Fine Art Photographic Print on Metal

These signed and numbered museum quality prints are sold in a limited edition of 100 and hand printed by master printer Bob Reed of Reed Art Images, Denver CO. A LightJet printer produces an unmatched sharpness and color that results from three (red, green and blue) solid-state lasers. The real Chromagenic latent image is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive emulsion and then mounted on a smooth hand burnished solid aluminum substrate. Finally, the entire image is sealed with a 10 mil high-gloss UV protective laminate and includes a Neilson Cleat frame.

These valued images can easily be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive, non-ammonia glass cleaner sprayed onto a microfiber cloth. Image sizing/pricing includes the following:

40x30= $1000 + tax   

30x45 = $1100 + tax

20x60 = $1000 + tax